produtos    Maquinas por tecidos tubulares

COMPTEX FV is a felt compacting machine for finishing of tubular knitted fabrics in precision folds and/or rolls, with control of the dimensional stability. 
The machine is produced in the following versions: 
- COMPTEX FV 1500/1800 for the fabricfinishing in fold or in roll. 
- COMPTEX CFV 1500/1800 with polishing calender by chromium plated and/or covered with polyester and heated cylinders, with NON-STOP precision folder and rolling-up device incorporated. 
Versions fitted with introduction for max 2 fabrics are made to work fabrics of little diameter and of different diameter: 
- COMPTEX FV 1800 D.I. / COMPTEX FV 2000 D.I. fitted with precision folders and rolling-up devices, NON-STOP independently discharging.

COMPTEX FV 1500/1800
Largura de trabalho: 1,35 m (1500) – 1,65 m (1800)
Velocidade de trabalho: 0 - 50 m/min

COMPTEX FV 1800 D.I./2000 D.I.
Largura de trabalho: 0,65 m (1800 D.I.) – 0,75 m (2000 D.I.)