products    Machines for tubular fabrics

Pre/post dyeing heat setting machine, suitable for all types of tubular knitted fabrics such as viscose, lycra, polyester, polyamide, acrylic fibres, chlorofibres, polycotton, of all weights.

Type of fabric treated: Tubular fabric
Stretcher working width: From 300 to 1400 mm
Working speed: 25 m / min (max. )
Structure: 2 and 3 chambers
Total electrical power: 23.5 Kw (2 chambers); 31 kw (3 chambers)
Air requirement: 0,03 m3/ min
Heating sytem: Thermic oil or natural gas or electric resistance
Heater power: 180.000 kcal
Cooling device: Axial fan system
Length: 8.3 m (2 chambers) 11.3 m (3 chambers)
Width: 3 m
Height: 2.65 m